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Blow Up Your Video
Two's Up
(Three is company)

Last stand
Down to my last dime
Haven't got the sense to leave
The dealers cutting fine
Last draw
Back against the wall
Depending where the money is
Is where I'm gonna fall
Ace high
Hide your poker eyes
I didn't want to laugh too much
When I picked up the prize
Lady Luck
Standing at my side
I'll leave with more than I brought in
And I get her in my life
Get her in my life

I go, you go, she go, we go
Two's up, it's a two's up
Give me head, give me tails
Give me doubled up and coming doubled over on the rails
Give me two's up, it's what I want

High up
When you're looking down
Then you see two animals
Just fooling you around
Stray dogs
Gonna take them in
I don't know what your names are
But you're gonna break them in
All day
It's difficult to say
Who is doing what to whom
Who's out of the play
I love
The way you slide and slip
Love the way you girls work out
And make the partnership
Make that partnership


(Gotta give me double or quits)

Two's up, two's up
Like your partnership
Like the way you slip
There ain't nothing like a two's up
That's the way it is, two's up
It's what I want to hear
Give me head, give me tails
Give me doubled up and coming over on the rails
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