Текст песни Aaliyah - At Your Best (Remix)

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Repeat 4x's: One Two check up
Baby let me know what's up

When I feel what I feel sometimes its hard to tell you so.
You may not be in the mood to learn.
What you thinkin of... There are times when I find you wanna
keep yourself for me.
When I don't have the strength Im just a mirror of what I see.

At your best you are loved. Yea
You are positive moitaved first with in my life should you ever
find the need to run around.
Repeat 5x's Let me know

4x'sThis is for the steppers

When you feel what you feel
how hard for me to understand
oh so many things have takin place before this love affair have begin
but if you feel boy like i feel infusion can't give away to doubt
for there are times when i fall short of what i see what im about

Repeat Chorus once

Repeat Once:If you wouldn't worry you gotta let me know baby
you don't have to worry

Repeat Chorus
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