Текст песни Aaliyah - I don't wanna (remix)

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Did I approve for you to talk to me?
Motherfuckers like you, hell, I preach it to 'em
First hand I teach 'em no psychic, bitch
Hell I reach it to 'em
No bus no fuss dogg, no sucks in the Lex, dogg
Don't see no checks dogg, and stop beggin when it's
wet, dogg
But you could bet dogg
That you don't know no hoe that'll hide the work
Two clips inside the purse
Fuck me I'ma ride you first
fuck hard till the condom bursts, but umm...
I need my pussy Lee tight figero
White gold with the X and O's
You putas betta know Trina is a betta hoe
Oh you don't know?

When we hooked up
We sat down
Made an agreement
We vowed that
That wed always be together
Through whatever
We said that no one would ever
Get between us
So love would never ever leave us
That was a while ago, oh

But now lately
It feels like
I mean like I feel like
All we do is fight

Every single night
Cant make it tight
Cant get it right
I just wanna go back
Take it way back
All the way back
Can we start again?
Do it over
Can we straighten it out?
Can we work it out?

1 - I dont wanna be
(Be without you, be without you)
I dont wanna live
(Live without you, live without you)
I dont wanna go
(Go without you, go without you)
I dont wanna be alone

Do you realize
I cant sleep without you
Think without you
Eat without you
Speak without you
Be without you, I cant even breathe without you
I cant feel without you, deal without you
Spend without you
My whole world is upside down
Dont wanna go out
Cause I cant ride without you
Feel like Im gon die without you
What is a girl supposed to do?
When I spend my last dime to be in your life
I dont wanna be without you

repeat 1 (2x)

How can we not see
That its not working out
We vowed to be
Always together
Its hurting me
That we dont talk no more
It wasnt supposed to be this way
Where did we go wrong?
We both made mistakes
We gotta carry on

Repeat 1(4x)

I dont wanna be, no
(No, yeah, dont wanna be)
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