Текст песни Ace Of Base - Whispers In Blindness

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Darlin you were looking good
when you came to me
and asked for a dance
And I said "we can dance"
Felt like a queen
Swedish summernights are hot
and the trees can talk
We lay on the grass
So easily, so blessed
Whispers in blindness
And I didn't hold you back
I'm talking about it babe
cause you've been teasing me
I'm talking about it
cause you are bad right through
Stay with me and I shall want
no other love
Stay with me another love another lie
Stay with me and I shall want
no other love
you were talking so sweet
But you were touching
and teasing
I can hear the soft bells ring
through a thousand years
they call out to me
They say it's only once in a life we love
Now I've had the honour too
You were holding my hand
You were kissing my skin
Stay with me
Trees are whispering
Only once my dear
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