Текст песни Aerosmith - Yo Mamma

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I met a little girl who was so high class (totally)
I was as lonely as can be she had a beautiful *
She was lonely
She showed me her tattoo it was right there
On her breast
Somewhere in a city in the middle of the West

When she asked me to her house
Little did I know she was only
She was just 18 still livin' with her folks
She was only
And when I met her momma she undressed me
With her eyes
Then her daddy gave a look at me
That could have paralyzedChorus:
Cause your mamma wants to do me and your
Daddy wants to do me in
I'm a cat with nine lives I hope that I
Can make it to ten
O'cherry please forgive me for confessin'
My original sin
Because your mamma wants to do me
And your daddy wants to do me in!
(dialogue to chorus)

In the morning as I gingerly tipped toed
Down the stairs, I had this deja voodoo
That maybe I already had been there
Then it all came back to me that night back in 1973
It must have been yo mama Lord have mercy on me
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