Текст песни Annetsun - Say You Want Him Mama

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Over almost year ago you are longing to his eyes
Steady ready go and no one no more cries
Let him know 'the boy like you overwhleming and survives'
Let him know a girl like you wish his tenderness and wise
This is bran new but old story
Girls like you were always feeling down
But if you can be stopped worry
He can get a chnce to wear you in your crown

Say you want him mama
Don't be scared to cry
Say you want him mama leave him mess don't shy
Say you want him
Give him reason why
Say you want him mama don't wait love to die
oohh yeah...

When you wear your birthday clothes
Walkin' into room he smiles
You forget all of the words
Why this damn 's not paradise
You're waking up ewach night his look
his oretty face his sparkled eyes
You'd better do your right hand hook
But we have a compromise


Just understand there's no time hesitating
There's a life pass trough this perfect current time
If you 'd give more time for shying and be wating
He will give love 'nother pretty mom
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