Текст песни Arabesque - Caballero

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You are a very noble man
Descended from a noble clan
You live by the rules of your family
You can't marry me
For I am just a humble girl
Not born to see the great big world
Our love can't be more than a secret love
For no one to see

Caballero, caballero
You're a famous man in town
I must wait out of sight
Till you kiss me tonight

(Caballero, caballero)
(So delightful, so delightful)
Caballero, caballero
If you ever let me down
I'll be crying and crying all night
But I'll be gone
Just like the evening sun

In dreams I'm rich and you are poor
And I am looking for amor
I pick you up in a street cafe
Where you spend your days
We're driving to my grand hotel
My heart's aflame, you're looking swell
I won't set you free for your love must be
Only for me

* (Repeat)

Caballero (Repeat)
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