Текст песни Arabesque - Don't wait for a sailor

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My seafaring man
He called me tonight
To say, "Please be waiting
Till I hold you tight"
His voice was not clear
But he said it might
Be due to long distance
He loved me alright

Oh, don't wait for a sailor
Whatever he'll say
You'll find all his phrases
In any old play
Oh, don't wait for a sailor
On the ocean of life
Be gladly his lover
But never his wife

I think he is drinking
He calls from a bar
Tonight from an island
That's named Zanzibar
He's sailing in August
Comes home in July
May be Christmas evening
For one kiss goodnight

* (Repeat)

If he says one day:
“I'm coming home to stay”
Don't you worry
He's going back to the sea

(Repeat 2 times and fade)
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