Текст песни Arabesque - Ecstasy

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I'm lying in the bed
I’ve got you on my mind
And want you close to me
How much longer must I wait
Till I see you walking through the door

Take me all the way
Take me to the place
Where we can hide away
I don't want to waste no time
Just talking to you on the phone

There's a magic of your ecstasy
Every time you getting next to me
And this feeling is a mystery
Of the heart
I want to dream of ecstasy
Is it real or just a fantasy
And you know it's just
Sensational, a miracle, physical, wonderful

Passion in the night
Make my body burn
This heat inside of me
Please touch me one more time
Do it like you never did before

Don't you understand
The power of our love
It's like a hurricane
You know what I’m saying too
'Cause you've heard it
Many times before
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