Текст песни Arabesque - Hey, catch on

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What do you feel
When you're looking at me
Hey, what do you feel
What will you do
When I'm closer to you
Hey, what will you do
Will you take some action
To give me satisfaction
If you think I'm sexy
Baby, show it to me

Hey, catch on
For it's not so hard, catch on
To see what I want
So Baby, catch on
Hey, Catch on
When will you start to catch on
You better don't wait too long
So Baby, catch on

Don't be so shy
Let me teach you to-night
What love can be like
Give it to me
And tomorrow you'll see
It makes you feel free
There is no denying
You have fear of flying
But I keep on trying
Till you know what I mean

*(Repeat 2 times and fade)
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