Текст песни Autopsy - Horrific Obsession

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Never managed to fit in
Too bizarre for fun or friends
Twisted mind, a sickening plan
Cemetery trips began

The casket was cracked and the body removed
The graveyard won't miss it at all
Thrown in the trunk and brought back to the house
Obsessed with the morbid, the horror still calls

All alone before the dawn
Brought the shovel and flask along
Started digging feverishly
Fear turned into ecstasy

[Repeat chorus]

Had to get some company
For the first corpse, now there's three
Two in bed, one in a chair
Watching with a vacant stare

More are taken for my needs
My own post-mortem family
Time has come to find a wife
To rot with her I'll take my life

When my life is drained
I know I'll be discovered
By someone with a brain like mine
To keep me and my lover
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