Текст песни Autopsy - Macabre Eternal

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We the diseased have taken your world
And thrown it to darkness and plague
The stench of malaise is alive in the air
Forever by horror enslaved

Gone is the time when the sky was not black
Before the structures of doom
He was the one who made this to be
The one of the unhealing wound

Within the bowels of the edifice
That radiates nausea
Waves of blackness perpetually exude
A decaying dystopia

The god of disease with his eyes rolled back
Arms outstretched in decay
Macabre eternal, bringer of rot

The sick kill the sick, tainted blood is shed
In this foul place of freakishness
Mountains of the dead grow in festering piles
No future, no past, just excruciating death
Your world is dead

Teeth render flesh into blood streaming pulp
Filth laden fingers claw into rot holes
A mockery of life while the doom bringer sits
Crawling with maggots with death on his lips
Macabre eternal

Leads - Coralles/Cutler/Coralles/Cutler

We the diseased have taken your world
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