Текст песни Ayreon - Across The Rainbow Bridge

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And now this Rainbow Bridge: an iridescent span of tears - so fragile and yet so strong. Will
it support your mortal shells? Or will you fall into the fiery brine below?

I hark back to olden days
to her and her magic ways
two souls in harmony
in an endless sea
the cruel wings of destiny
carried you away from me
and left a heart unstilled
that never will be filled

[roman (chorus:)]
beyond these stygian skies our fortress lies
across the rainbow bridge
we'll span the sea of tears and conquer all our fears (inside)
forsake this mourning field and drop your shield
across the rainbow bridge
run to the other side where all our dreams abide

I'd sacrifice my very life
to have you at my side
like a dream I see your face
through the misty haze
we were one amid the stars
and time never healed my scars
deep inside the sadness burns
I must return!

[roman (chorus)]

scarlet crimson rosy red
I must be dead
or stoned out of my head
orange yellow tangerine
the acid queen
in a psychedelic scene
ochre chestnut chocolate brown
I'm upside down
on a cosmic eiderdown

ivory milky chalky white, the stars ignite, I vanish in the light - that burns so bright

Step forward. Beyond lies your goal: the Electric Castle! The past is gone! Do you wish to
lapse in limbo forever? No! Be resolute.. There are trials ahead - and rewards for those who
strive: the Surreal Search endures...

[roman & knight]
run run the past is gone, it cannot be undone
run run the future is here, our fate is drawing near

[roman (chorus)]
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