Текст песни B.o.B - Chandelier

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[Featuring: Lauriana Mae]

[Hook: Lauriana Mae]
Hold me when I’m down
Bury my soul underneath the ground
Let my blood keep pumping, my heart keep beating
Shining like a chandelier

[Verse 1: B.o.B]
What’s a song if it don’t have words?
What’s the word if it don’t get heard
You can paint it anyway that you like
How can you get the picture if it come out blurred
What life taught me can’t be unlearned
Another bridge can’t be unburned
Can’t wait ‘til you get your firm
I could try to make it home but you’re still on third, look
Your whole life need a renovation
Yea, let me give you a demonstration
No limitations, no intimidations
I’m tryna live good, that’s an understatement
They say life’s about choices
In the face of defeat I declined
Put your soul into everything, never back down
That’s how you leave a legacy behind


[Verse 2: B.o.B]
The world don’t stop so we don’t quit
The show goes on, tomorrow’s here today
So live your life and do your thing
Enjoy each moment, it could slip away
Cause nothing is promised, nothing is free
The rain of receipts are guarantees
When it’s done there will be no severance fee
Just a far away dream you’ve yet to reach
That’s why you have to go all out for it
No half-time, gotta ball out for it
That ghoul court press, life is the test
Can’t play sick, can’t call out for it
Cause I don’t wanna fall, no skydive
Stand tall through it all, that’s a high rise
Make a something out of absolutely nothing
That’s the definition of a survivor


[Bridge: Lauriana]
So let me be like the trees
Where I can rest on my knees
To join the wind in the sky
If this was all a mistake, I’d rather leave this place
Than be your greedy life


[Bridge 2]
Just keep me shining like a chandelier
Just keep me shining like a chandelier

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