Текст песни Baby Bash - Numero Uno

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"I'm the one"
"I'm the one"
"I'm the one"
"Oh, no, no"
"I'm the one"
"I'm the one"
"I'm the one"
"Oh, no, no, baby" --> Bobby Bland

[Baby Bash]
(Verse 1)
It's the numero
Uno, number one chulo
Ridin' on the slab, with a top notch cool, oh
Everybody you know, say they do it big
Bros do it real sumo, that's what it is
I'm a Dope House profit, suckers can't stop it
They might got muscle, but they got no logic
And I got a big heart, by the size of a lion
Five minus four, girl, without even tryin' (Ugh!)
Now stir that up and add it up
From Mexico to Canada
Professional, no amateur
And you gon' bust two times, when I smack it up
Then beat it up
Then spank it up
Til the [{*motherfuckin'*}] DJ crank it up
I strip the game butt-naked, girl, line by line
Hold up, let me bust it to you one more time

Break: Kookie (Baby Bash slowed down)
"I'm the one" (Numero uno...)
"I'm the one" (Numero uno...)
"I'm the one" (Hold up, hold up...)
"Oh, no, no"
"I'm the one" (Numero uno...)
"I'm the one" (Numero uno...)
"I'm the one" (Hold up, hold up...)
"Oh, no, no, baby"

(Verse 2)
Now you can go
Black, or you can go white
You can go red or brown, but it still ain't right
If the sauce ain't tight, and the swag ain't cripsy
With that bullshit, you can't miss me
Crissy Lizzy's, don't get nathin'
They about drama, I'm about bakin'
Never would I fake, cause I just don't purr
Ten thousand sqaure feet, and you ain't even gotta work (Ugh!)
Cause I'm the cash and the check one, candy paint wet one
Space fly like a punk rock Jetson
Always down to holla, holla, let's bet one
The one your mama told you, "Baby, go get one"

Hook: Baby Bash
Extra menace, no disrespect
Hop on, don't miss the jet
Extra menace, no disrespect
Hop on, don't miss the jet

Repeat Break

(Verse 3)
I tips and dips in Cadillacs (Cadillacs)
And I don't even trip off battle raps (Battle raps
Blow so much purp', I get asthma attacks (Asthma attacks)
Find this thick little mami, and I handle that (Ugh!)
By the way, I'm 'bout these collar greens (Yeah)
Sqaures don't know, that's what dollar means (Uh uh)
Straight up out that Valley Jo/Vallejo
H-Town, Texas, Cali, bro
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