Текст песни Bad religion - Markovian Process

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Housewives shock in blue
What in the world is it coming to
What in the world
Cannabis in tea
What in the world. Acid is free
What in the world
If daddy could see today
he’d be turning in his grave
If mummy could see the way
The boys and girls and the manner in which
they talk to their parents
Women fight the wars
Men are too bored, they’re scrubbing floors
Men are too bored
They’re staying at home
doing the chores
What in the world
Do you remember when this life
was in perspective and the grownups were respected
They’d give up a seat on the bus
Open your door with no fuss
The whole world’s one beehive
Throw us a line you might be in time
Throw us a line
What in the world
Who gets the girl
What in the world
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