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Long distance information
give me Memphis Tennessee.
Try to find the party
trying to get in touch with me.
She would not leave her number
but I know who placed the call.
'Cos my uncle took the message
and he wrote it on the wall.

Help me, information,
get in touch with my Marie.
She's the only one who'd phone me here
from Memphis Tennessee.
Her home is on the south side
just beyond the ridge,
just a half a mile
from the Mississippi Bridge.

Help me, information,
more than that I cannot add.
Only that I miss her
and all the fun we had.
We were pulled apart
because her mom would not agree.
Help me get in touch with her
in Memphis Tennessee.

The last time I saw Marie
she was waving me goodbye,
with hurry homedrops on her cheek
that trickled from her eyes.
Marie is only six years old,
information please.
Help me get in touch with her
in Memphis Tennessee.
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