Текст песни Blur - Theme From An Imaginary Film

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Theme From An Imaginary Film
What if i told you i love you
What if i called you with rhyme
In this world there's nothing that's left
Well nothing that's new

What if i told you without you
Loving is limply a lie
Although she moves into the night
O tell me your mine
Please say it's true

O shame is over
I was the light and the days of them all
Well push me over
I'm flat on my back and having a ball
And just look who's laughing

What if i flew like a dove dear
What if i would you in rhythm
There's nothing left
Nothing that's good left for me now

O i'll just go and sleep with strangers
I'll live like a lord in a tower
'cos in the city there's too much air
That i can't dream at night
Well not anymore

O shame it's over
It been such fun and we had a ball
Well push me over
But i'll be the last of people to fall
Well just look who's laughing

O shame it's over
How like a cow bloated on grass
Well push me over
Me on my back and you on your arse
Such a shame it's all over
There are so few days left to grasp
So push me over
We on our back and you on your lazy arse
Well just look whose laughing
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