Текст песни Blur - Young And Lovely

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Young And Lovely
Friday's child is planning to go out for the first time
Don't worry mum
I won't be out that late
Done me playing those passive games right now
They're out of date
You're awfully sweet
Haven't got the time
Growing up so fast
Got better things to do
You can get what you want
So young and lovely
Kicking around in the centre of the town
Looking in shop windows
Those mannequins
Look far too real at night
Friday's child doesn't know if it's awake
Or if it's dreaming
Don't worry dad
I'll do my bit
I'll raise the flag
I'll be just like you
You can get what you want
So young and lovely
Don't worry mum
I'm not that dumb
I'll be just like you
Oh, no, why
Why d'you do it?
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