Текст песни Busta Rhymes - As I Come Back

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Here we come yo, here we go (what’s goin on now) - 3x
Busta rhymes nigga, here we go
Flipmode nigga, here we go
Neptunes nigga, here we go
Once again my niggas, here we go

[verse 1]
Come on, guess whos back in town,
Bitches get on the dance floor and pull ya shit on doownnah!
From miles around,
I been fuckin bitches up and flip a brand new soundraah!
The most hot shit all around
So hot it make a bitch wanna give me a poundraah!
Huh, fall on the ground, (come on)
Roll up a backwood and stay steamin the brrownraah!
The way we comin to town,
See we controllin the fort now, nigga give me the crrownraah!
Talk that shit to me girl, arrah, wha you say, arrah!
Strip for me, I got the camcorder shorty make a flick for mearrah!
And how wide ya ass get split for mearrah!
See how we makin you black
And from the party and we keep the d.j bringin’ it back
Im sayin

[hook 2x]
Uh, uh, uh all over the track man, uh
Pardon me, uh, as I come back
Uh, uh, uh all over the track man, uh
Pardon me, uh, as I come back, nigga

[verse 2]
What we gon do in two thousand two,
Even though we havin fun in two thousand oneraah!
Stay strapped, grippin my gun
Packed in the truck, packed with bitches stackin my onerrah!
And while we wlyin’ in fun,
All of my bitches show me ya ass and rep where you fromraah!
Come on, arrah, cuttin’ it down
Such a way we make police come and shuttin it downrraah!
I hope you see how we takin it there
And while we at it motherfucker throw ya hands in the airraah!
Valet parkin the car
While we up in the club buyin every drink in the barraah!
We givin you this shit, come on
We showin niggas how we always flip the script come onrraah!
Back off, get out my face,
And everytime we come through nigga, give me my space
Im sayin

[hook 2x]

[verse 3]
For my dogs we be keepin it raw
But bitches be gasin a nigga, please give me some moreraah!
They way you be shakin ya shit to the floorrah!; damn!...arrah!!
I’ma give it to you mami for sure
And if you couldn’t take it then what is you fuckin me forrah!
Ya niggas know how to act
And when we arrive niggas know we come to pushin shit back
Im sayin

[hook 2x]
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