Текст песни Cacai Velasquez - Forever blue

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Used to like the sound of the rain
And feel your arms around me
Together we go insane,
But I wake up to where I should be

I’ve longed for the wind,
They touch me through my feelings
And you’ll never know till they begin,
What you want is really what it means

Don’t wanna be forever blue
’Cause I deserve some love that’s true
Finding it the hard way
And wishing for it everyday
I guess I was wrong to want you, yeah
’Cause I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid
To be forever blue

Gonna find some other guy for me
This time it will be just like the wind
Coming at the time it must be
And blowing to where I should be

(Repeat Repeat)

(Repeat Chorus)

Don’t wanna be alone,
I need someone to hold on to
And share my dreams with a love
A love that’s always true

(Repeat Chorus)
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