Текст песни Caedmon's Call - Mistake of my Life

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I’m in love, never been so sure of anything
Then again, could be a tumor in my brain
Tricking me into thinking that we were meant to be
Either way I’m about to shock my family
And my hometown again
’Cause this time I’m leaving

Once I’m gone I cannot look back
I’ve got to trust this is right
’Cause maybe I’m on my way to find you
But maybe I’m gonna make the mistake of my life

Since we met my life’s been so up in the air
Here today but by next week i could be there
On the street struggling to support my newest vice
with a sign, says ’i will work for love advice’
’Cause i will mow your lawn
if you tell me what i’m doing wrong

But i’ll leave the car runnin’
And i’ll leave half the boxes packed
For the slim chance I’ll go right back
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