Текст песни Coolio - Sumpin' new

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1 2 3 4 get your woman on the floor
Gotta Gotta get up to get down
Gotta Gotta get up to get down
Rhyme 1:
What up everybody so glad you're here
it's Coolio wit' the flow back in your ear
this ain't a fantastic voyage but I'm still on a mission
to see if I can get your attention
Now I wanst to drop some information
just a little additive to your education
I live my life by the code of the funk
600 watt amps, 18's in the trunk
When I'm on the street, you gotta feel my beat, so
throw your hands up if you're down with the C
double O, L, I, O with the flow
I'm lookin' for the party, so let a nigga know
1 2 3, it's like A B C
if hip hop didn't pay, I'd rap for free
slide, slide, but that's that past
I got sumpin' brand new for that ass
-- Chorus --
Rhyme 2:
If you got beefed, then nigga eat a porkchop
once I get it goin', you know it don't stop
I break like dandylocks, panties drop,
from hood to hood, block to block
Help, I need somebody
to get it goin' on in this party
baby you can do it, take your time do it right,
we can drink some yak and do it all damn night
My name ain't Wanda, but I'll rock your world
get more bounce than a jerry curl
too many looky loos be lookin' for clues
there's a party goin' on, now whatcha gonna do, so
Grab your partner, do se do,
if you don't know who it is, it's Coolio,
slide, slide, but that's the past,
I got sumpin' brand new for that ass
-- Chorus --
Rhyme 3:
Push, push, in the bush
but don't step on my toes cuz you might get smushed
it's the brother from around the way
and what I say I been comin' on three like Dr. Dre
Comin' at 'em with pattern an' a fresh pair of atoms
I hope you don't trip cuz I don't want to have to get 'em
so move your body baby, drive the homeys crazy,
the way you shake that ass, always amaze me
Ain't no party like a west coast party
cuz a west coast party don't stop
so when you see a young nigga
in a Chevy hittin' switches, then you gotta give the nigga his props
I got size in my rise and the motion for your ocean
Coolio got the potion to kick the party open
slide, slide, but that's the past
I got sumpin' brand new for that ass.
-- Chorus extended, fade out --
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