Текст песни Damned, The - History of the World Part 1

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i just hit the ground ,boy have i arrived
tell the dinosaurs,they just wont survive
so i fell,and you just laughed
you think that i canr satnd
to see me trip this way
you think i’m second hand
i have seen it all,she’s the only one
she belongs to me,i’m the lonely one
counting sheep and swatting flies
you think there’s no more left
talk is cheap,how many lies
sustain a single breath ?
adam chance and zorro
take them with a pinch of salt
sad about tomorrow
sorry,but it’s not my fault
while they were shoting at the moon
somebody croaked and no-one heard
whats a sin or two in the history of the world
some one said to me "why d’ya play so loud?"
what d’ you want from me
you corrupt the crowd
miles of print you’d think we’d thought of
nothing else
there’s more important things than ink and
leave it to tomorrow
corporal clott and stalingrad
they’re the ones to follow
theyre the ones,that make me glad
no-one alive and no-one left
nobody cares or aint you heard
looks like i’ll take my dying breath
in the history of the world
the history.........of the world...........part one
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