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Hold on, I can't feel you
It's been too long for any rescue.
Is it lost, or just too hard to find?
Cut the cord. Fade to black.
It's better left behind.

It's time to celebrate everything is gone.
We're left with all the waste.
It's time to get it back

Back to Bare Bones

Keep on, it will find you.
A new light-something to see through.
Pay the cost. You're standing in a line.
There's a way to get it back.
Just let it fall behind.


You never listen. No, you never listen.
Never listen, know you never listen to anything I ever say at all.
You never see them. No you never see the traps set in your way.
But does it really matter if we fall.

Cut the cord. Fade to black. It's better left behind.

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