Текст песни Digital Summer - Inside My Head

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[Verse One]
No need to say it
You don’t think I’m as strong as you are
Cause I don’t cover up my scars
And inside my head I fight
Different battles every single night
You don’t know what it’s like

I can feel this
Surrounding me
Like a nightmare
Though I’m not asleep
Everything I see (everything is red)
Everything in me (is already dead)
I just need something
To kill the demons inside my head

[Verse Two]
If you could be so kind
To forget the truth and lie to me
Tell me everything is fine
Victim of a sick and twisted disease
It’s like another broken souls living inside of me
Always fighting for control of the air that I breathe
And it won’t let go of me

I’m a prisoner
Haunted by this curse
It’s got a hold of me
I fear there is no cure
And it’s getting worse
It’s like I cannot breathe
I’m crawling
On my knees help me please
I’m falling
Inside my head from this disease

I can feel this
Surrounding me
Like a nightmare
Though I’m the only one who’s not asleep

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