Текст песни Eminem - Cocaine

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[** feat. Jazmine Sullivan:]

[Chorus: ~Jazmine Sullivan~]
Got to have it*
yeah I made it
I’m addicted

[Verse 1: ~Eminem~]
This was a beat with no words at first, it’s a blank painting
Exercising the mind, it’s brain strength training
Starts off something like shady’s an insane maniac
Yeah slim shady that's a zany name ain't it
Now all you needs an image to go with the name, baby
Wife beaters and white t-shirts
Hanes mainly, its a long shot but is it possible
There's a lane maybe,
If not, he’s gonna have to come and change the whole game mainly
He wants the fame so bad he can taste it
He can see his name up in lights
Women screaming his fucking name feinting
Shady did it, he sold out the whole stadium
Joe smo made it, he took his plain jane lady
And his baby Hailey out the trailer
But he ain't trailing anymore he’s ahead of the race
While maintaining his innocence
Little does he know his train is derailing
And he’s about to be raped by this game

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 2: ~Eminem~]
You’re operating on all cylinders
Syllables spit like dillingers
Spilling your guts
People are feeling your mic skills
But these haters are ice grillin’ ya
Willing to sacrifice anything for the life they might steal from ya
Fake friends will kill for ya, die for ya
But you can’t decipher why for the life of ya
It wasn’t like this when you were cyphering
Argue with your wife again
She found vicodin in your pants last night again
Your disputes public
Nothings private anymore
When your best friends say bye bye to him
What kind of apple you take a bite of slim
(But this is what you wanted Marshall ain't it)
Fuck no, the way that it turned out
Was nothing like the picture that I painted in my head
Sometimes a dream I make is more fun than to actually make it
the game stripped me naked
It robbed me of ever having another real relation-ship
With another girl, this World is a fucking trip
As I slip in another world
Proceed, take another hit
Sniff til I fucking url
Tell em all to fucking sit and spin til they fucking twirl
middle finger up again
Relapsing back in this game, oh well, fuck it then

[Repeat Chorus:]
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