Текст песни Eminem - real 911

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real 911
guess who's back
mommay were home!
say hello to ma lil friendz
dj mugs solasaizes cye brazil
every body put ur hands wehre my eyes can c!!!

everywhere we go people know we wrote deepest shit
forty fifty sum morez whithout no one noe in us
50 to ce obie wen no body gon hoin us
they pop shit like they guna do shit but no one does
we knew u down in texas then bac up to los angeles
we changes the way we moved
so man up if u cant adjust
u may end up gettin rushed by to many to handle us
ha its funny i get money for doin shit its funny
man theres sum people who just think we cant b touched
its not like we just feelin r sleves that much its just
that wen sumone put us in the clutch
we jus kno that u not guna be the one who gun do it

cuz first of all ur pussy and everybody can c that
u fucked around n got cought
in a spot that u shudnt be at
u got no business bein in and we aint even gun be in it
no one guna hear nuthin no ons guna c this shit
and they'll be in a nurphotic\them boyz baout them had it
the noise wil b drownin out by the crowd

blaa blaa bla shitty shitty shittyu to hard t undertsnad and taaking to fucking long so figure out the rest ureself lazy bastards!!! :D lmao *peace* yo yo yo
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