Текст песни Eric Clapton - So Tired

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Get up in the morning
Already yawning and I'm so tired
I ain't had a wink of sleep
Seems like all week and we're so tired

The baby's only feeding
And one of them is teething
And they're so tired
They get up before the dawn
I don't know how we carry on
And we're so tired

Thank God their mama is a natural
She knows exactly what to do
And as for me I think I'd go insane
I just wouldn't have a clue

You know we try to do our best
But we just can't get no rest
And we're so tired
Would do it all again
You can bet your life, my friend
And I'm so tired

We're so tired, so tired
So tired, so tired

Just can't wait till the sun goes down
And all the kids have gone to bed
Trying to sleep, you know but sleep won't come
With all the stuff goin' through my head

Well, it's play school on Thursday
Music class on Friday and I'm so tired
And now mama's getting snappy
Daddy won't change no nappy
And I'm so tired

So tired
So tired

Sometimes I think I'll just go on to bed
I must have better things to do
When it's time to get my good night kiss
And my dreams have all come true

So tired, so tired
So tired, so tired
So tired, so tired
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