Текст песни Faith Evans - Caramel Kisses

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Chorus: Caramel Kisses, you set my way. I wont complain just,
dont go away. Caramel kisses, you set my way. I wont complain
just, dont go away.

Verse 1: You made my, heart melt the other day. When we laid
by the fire, in the middle of may. It was so, romantic I’ll say.
When you gave me your love, in your caramel way.


Verse 2; Many times before, and many times again. You recalled
to me the reasons why, you were more than my friend. Its not
only because, you were there for my kids. Its the simple things
like you, Caramel Kiss.

Q(from 112): Livin life with you can be so right. Lovin you through
the night. Your love is so amazing, baby. Never have a felt a
love like this,
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