Текст песни Fatima Mansions, The - Viva Dead Ponies

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(Retail groceries...)

Do you know how Jesus feels
when he’s behind his sportscar wheel
and the windscreen glass is all gummed up with blood?
Do you know how old Jesus feels?

For he walks the Earth again
but not in Mecca or in Jerusalem
No, he sells papers and beer in a shop in Crouch End [London, England]
For he walks the Earth again

So viva dead ponies
Come out and fight me
Viva dead ponies
Customers: Drop dead

I have switched the fridges off
and I will burn down this whole stinking shop
I will get drunk and I will break every little Islamical [sic] law
for I have switched the fridges off--CHORUS

"I haven’t made love in a while.
It’s the best way to make a child,"
said Jesus to the disciples. He then further said, "If you can’t
shift this crate of Brillo pads by Friday, vengeance will be

So viva dead ponies
You’re afraid to fight me
Customers--pay what you owe! [...?]!
Viva dead ponies
back from the circus
They lunched with Jesus
Fire in their noses all gone, all gone...
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