Текст песни Five - Comin' Back For More

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If you're comin back for more,
Then get ready...get ready.
Cause everything I got is yours,
So get ready...get ready.

You know you never had it so good, baby,
So you're comin back for more.
I can always drive your body crazy,
Cause it's you that adore.
Don't wanna love just anybody,
I just wanna make you mine.
All I need is just a little, baby...
All I need is a little time...

If you really want it in your face,
Then we better make it clear...
Take a good look around you, baby
There's five boys standin' here.

Is there any time to talk about it?
Cos darling we're a pair.
It's now or never if you want it baby,
Come take it if you dare!


Is there any time to talk about it?
Cos talking does no good.
Just a little bit of lovin baby, I'd take it if I could.
Just come a little closer baby,
I wanna sink you deep.
You better call your mother baby,
Cos we won't get no sleep, No, No!


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Oh 8,
Concentrate while I hit you off straight,
Open up you mind, Get you hungry,
Make you wait, Baby boo.
What I gotta do is get it on with you.
Cos the sky's the limit anything we wanna do.
Can we kick back now? Tell me baby can I lay ya?
Upon ya back now it's gonna happen this a way-a,
We gotta take you to the top and never stop,
And when the cop, The whole lock, Gimme a shot.

(chorus twice)
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