Текст песни Frank Sinatra - Tea For Two

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I'm discontented with homes that are rented so I have invented my own
Darling this place is a lover's oasis where lights where we chase is unknown
Far from the cry of the city where flowers pretty caress the stream
Cozy to hide in, to live side by side in, don't let it abide in my dream

Picture you upon my knee, just tea for two and two for tea
Just me for you and you for me alone
Nobody near us to see us or hear us
No friends or relations or weekend vacations
We won't have it known, dear, that we own a telephone, dear

They will brake and you'll awake and start to bake a sugar cake
For me to take for all the boys to see
We will raise a family, a boy for you and a girl for me
Can't you see how happy we will be
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