Текст песни Good Charlotte - Complicated

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*And We've been here for so many years
*still it seems as if your not there(are you there??)
*well everytime i talk you turn away(do u care??)
*Isnt dad an obligation to care?
(and we said)

and weve been here for so many years
so many years still it seems
your so complicated(yea)
your overated(well alright)
your complicated
This feeling is love

*Well i came in the door
*yea i said it before
*never let the stress get me down no more
*I'm given thanks to the Lord
*ya know i pray every day
*I'm givin shouts to my peeps
*and this is what we say:


*you left us one little room with a black and white TV
*one eviction notice and a bill for therapy
*your living all alone your like a dog wihtout a bone
*i said yea your living all alone because you left us all at home
*Well you had a second chance but you threw it all away
*your fourth and fifth and sixth now that was yesterday
*now your sittin at a bar your just a drownin in your tears
*lonely in the corner while everybody cheers

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