Текст песни Heavenwood - As illusive as a dream

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Promises are all they give us
Each one more rewarding than the other
Isn’t it so wonderful as they tell us
Exactly what we want to hear
It’s our misfortune to be
So always blind to things that
We deep inside know can’t be true
That’s why we’re just a miserable bunch
We imagine how it would be
To live in their angelical world now
And forget the bad things in our own

(Lead: Ricardo)

Why can’t people see that
their words are hollow
We are simply following
Something illusive as a dream
Why can’t people stop searching
For a way of reaching the
So called "EDEN" that rents
In the other side of life
The things that they say are all
Mere ways of making them profit
From the desires they know
We’ve got unconsciously inside
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