Текст песни Hootie feat The Blowfish - I'm Goin' Home

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Mama, please don’t go
Won’t you stay here for one more day
I’ve been your boy for so long now
There’s so much I, I still have to say
The sky ripped open and I held my heart in my hand
Like a soldier on his very last day
Cried myself to sleep that night
And I listened as I heard the angels sing
Sha la la


Sha la la la,
La la la la
I’m goin’ home

Something inside of me makes me scream
How could God take you from a little boy
You’ll be alright he’s by my side
He’s not a little boy, he’s my pride and joy


Summer on the radio, when the phone rang
And it was Jeanette
Saying boy we had to let her go
I beg, "No, no not yet"

You left six of us to fend for ourselves
Guess it’s just part of someone’s master plan
*We’ll say you left cause you’re my best friend
*You were a liar then, and that’s my plan
The angels sing...

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