Текст песни Insane Clown Posse - Intro

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"Pumpkin, put some music on, I feel like dancin’."
"Hold on, suga, I’m fixin’ to right now 3,6,4 awright, now
come over here,
woman, let’s get this shindig started, woo! C’mon, everybody!
Now what in the hell is wrong with this juke machine?"
"Be warned, my children six will visit followed by the crumbling
of time
itself. Before the coming of Shangra La, a dark Carnival will sweep across
the land, as a shadow, plagued with destruction. A parade of freaks,
jugglers, and death. This wretched nightmare is led by six faces.
Three have
come three have gone. The fourth emerges now. He walks among
us as a shadow, void of light, powered by your own darkness,
strengthened by
your own wickedry. A horrid reflection of your very own deep desires cast
and reflected back upon yourself. Brothers and Sisters! The time has come
for the Necromaster. The unleashing of the fourth joker’s card.
The arrival
of The Great Milenko Milenko Milenko "
"This damn thing! Maryanne, what in the hell is wrong with
this music box?"
"Don’t mind that old thing, honey, it does that all the time."
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