Текст песни Insane Clown Posse - Riddle Box

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your death! Now let’s see where you’re
headed, turn the crank!
And experience what’s in store for you, deep within the mighty
riddle box!(w/echo)
He hehe he he he he he hehe heh-heh-heh! Da joke’s on you! (hehe
Riddle box!)
He hehe he he he he he hehe heh-heh-heh! Da joke’s on you! (hehe
Riddle box!)
Wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked clownz... hey,
I’m Violent J. And I’m here, well I’m here to kick yo’ ass.
We, the wicked juggalos, we juggle those who live like hoes and chose...
The Express Route, One Way. Straight down the spiral twist to
the Riddle Box.
Hey, what’s up motherfucker!
This is Shaggs 2 dope congratulatin’ you...
For openin’ the box. The Riddle Box.
It looks like you received your prize. The cost?
Well the cost was your life! Bitch-boy!
Ah ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha-ha ha ha ha
Tell me sir, what can you do? It looks like the joke’s on you.
(repeat 4x mixed w/:)
C’mon on down and turn the crank.
Let’s see where your soul will spend the rest of eternity.
What’s it gonna be, Mister? Heaven or Hell?
The bonus or the bones!
Turn the crank and let’s find out.
C’mon on down, Mister, you don’t have anything to be scared of
do you, sir?
So what’s gonna pop out of the mighty Riddle Box?
Spin the crank and let’s find out. Whadda ya say?
Step right up. Who’s first? Who’s brave enough
To step into their new eternal destiny?
Surely someone must be confident,
That their life wasn’t totally evil.
Step right up and seal your fate.
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