Текст песни John Lennon - The Great Wok

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Hello, hello, testing, testing...

At this time of year...oh, let me first introduce myself.
Maybe you have heard me before, i am the great wok.
And as you know, the great wok must be done.
Now, at this time of year when brahama is in brahma...
The day of brahma is set to last one thousand years and its night
is of equal length.
Well, for us human being, this is the end of the year now
and our minds turns towards what is laughably called the future.
No mind can comprehend the infinite and absolute anon munsch
mars stunvelly humpff,
as we say in the himalayas.
Now let me tell you, my resolution of the year 1979 is to renounce
complete everything,
but complete luxury and self indulgance.
Now i suggest this is going to be very, very difficult, very
difficult indeed.
I feel it's my duty, not only as a human being but as a person
or was it not george formy who said there are four billion three
hundred and twenty million
mortal or earth years which is one day of brahma.
So, one way of looking at it is simply not to look at it at all.
And that's exactly what we're going to do now.
So we'll settle down, deeply, i hope, and comfortably in an easy chair
and then, lay back, put the incense on, light the candles and
give yourself a hard time
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