Текст песни Kamelot - A Feast For The Vain

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Everyone is here
The feast can soon begin
Vanity we celebrate
My favourite of sins

Chandeliers so grand
That heaven sees the shine
And my friend declares
Everything I look at could be mine
It's a miracle
Life till now has been a waste
You have proved to me
By your hand I'm truly graced
Gold and glitter blinded me
So adorable
All these women from my fantasies

Come with me my little ones
Let's revel for the free
Raise your glass and praise the fact
How easy life can be

Ariel / everybody:
In the splendour of the night
I've found company
Once again I feel that life's begun
All the wrongs seem to be right
Drowned in ecstasy
Every star is like a newborn sun

May the life I knew be gone
I accept the deal
But one point we have to modify
If I wish to linger one
In a state of still
Only then I'm yours the day I die
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