Текст песни Линда - White Birch

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Of you and of me
There are whispering.
The entire world swept
Under a feet!

That with you and me
Is not touchen.
If it happens,
You'll better run.

We had looked for ourselves,
We had got lost.
Tell we got, I stay yet as can be.
And a war we wished
Since forgotten,
That's wrong was
When we were at than.

White birch, white birch, milk tree
Dance in, smoke in my eyes,
Your arms in water way...
Clatter us with white teeth,
Snow has tired on winter,
And then I fall with tired...

White birch, white birch, milk tree,
Silent made own tales.
I know they can't be hard.
They run on his sorrow,
Rapid scary water,
I'd know they`ll be no stoppen...

It's not too late,
If you can remember.
I'll be gone and you can't
Catch up to me...

If you look
When you will not see me,
Want to see me
Someone else will come...
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