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Yeah... Westside inside! Fuck out Your!
Motherfucker. Oh! Yeah! Yeh, Yeh! Aye!
Yeah, JimmieSound!

Hey, bithes, saw can motherfucker
Who can motherfucker
I say now: Fuck goes motherfucker
Fuck fakes soldiers
Just full fake rules
With they any fucking ass
Dumb scam create the illusion of help
Behind the scenes wear the fucking their knife
They, say should be pray on the my motherland
Stupid motherfuckers don't me understand
In my pocket that says no debt
You wanna kick from a fucking it get
You suck for blood money
You not what a really funny
That fine that
They any friend told me
You put a bank by stupid enjoy in jail
Got this see you help other countries with a fucking again
Can hide any motherfucking scare
They are ready to send me into hell (Yo, yo, yo)
I'm crazy for you, ok oh well (Yo, yo, yo)
Wants can't say that see where (Yeah)
After your washed want crazy my fan
Me lie about they come and lie kill you will any wild
Living in match create the skill with upside
Of a truth: any blind light
They fucking demons
They will say, they I'm not a fucking right (Hey)
Thay rats hungry crowns
With the downs any cheese body mass
Live fucking contents you are afraid
Of ghost try kind a west but (Do, do, do)
We fucking open, but you make mistakes
We feel rights one in that
Rat someone from the leader
Of some they now may will come to house
You will be killed do you every not a like a mouse
I'd rather...
Die myself as team (Yeah)
Than, I will be given to enemies (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Fuck the liars fast we will die (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Fuck this World: FUCK OUT YOUR! (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Pow! Get Motherfucker (Pow, Pow)
Get motherfucker!

(Pow, Pow) Get motherfucker
(Pow, Pow) Get motherfucker (You, You)

Pow! Get, get, get Motherfucker
(Pow, Pow)(Pow, Pow) Get Motherfucker (Yeah, yeah)

Pow! Get Mother fuck... (Yeah)

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