Текст песни Малина - Better Days

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Even though my life
was not simple
I played a lot of tricks to make it up
Now I begin to think about things
I never thought
could be so clear
All these years
I’ve been waiting for your smile
Now when I wake up
I see you next to me

You came and found me, love,
And these beautiful days
you brought to me

Whatever it is,
I’ll be strong, I will make it
Wherever you go,
I will follow your way
However, I know,
time will tell the way it’s gonna be
Whenever you need
better days,
I’ll light up your life

I was free from the troubles of my heart
But closed in a jail
by the sweetest wishes
And now the way I see is different
Driven by your light,
my eyes begin to shine

You came and found me, love
And these beautiful days
you brought to me

Whatever it is,
I belong to these places
Wherever I may go
you can be sure I’ll be around
However, we know,
all the better days we had
Belong to you and me

The line we walk is just the same
And every step is like a game
How long will it last?
Because it’s too good to be true...
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