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I'm ride or die as I'm ridin’ by, holla Westside right inside of my
Beamer 760I, try me let off sixty shots
Again we got the city hot and popping like it ‘posed to be
Hoes who not ménaging got no business standing close to me
So cold, a ferocious G, niggas ain't as dope as me
Mind your fuckin’ business, watch your mouth when you approachin' me
I fuck with hoes who fuck with hoes, do pills and powder socially
I like 'em, I don't love ‘em though, cold heart emotionally
Captain where the ocean is, riding in the Ghost again
Slap you with a lot of spit until she swallow all of it
Call the shots, run the shit, on some big money shit
Serious 'bout my hustle all these cowards on that funny shit
Rapping 'bout a bunch of shit and you ain't even done it yet
You the one they gunning at, how I'm ‘posed to honor that?
You all talk dawg, flaw and I ain't having none of that
I'm big boss dawg, floss all day and run it back

Bitch, I'm a boss
Bitch, I'm a boss! Bitch, I'm a boss!
I play the shots, I call the calls
We in this bitch, it’s going down
Yeah, I'm the king, now where my muhfucking crown?

You a boss, she a boss, you don’t care what it cost
You just buy that motherfucker and you throw that shit on
You be popping them tags, we just throw it in bags
And then we hit the fucking block, we be droppin' them rags

Started with a dollar, turn it to a M
Used to ride Impala, turn it to a Benz
Niggas used hate me, turn into my friends
You should see how people treat you when that money coming in
Bad bitches calling cause I'm balling
And these niggas hatin’ on me cause they starving
And I'm parking Aston Martins where they walking, these niggas ain't important
They informants really talking when the people get to honking
I'm a boss really, Nino or Al Pacino
Hundred racks on this Rollie, it light up like a casino
Niggas really be fraud, I’ma keep it a C-note
Got shooters down in Miami, they throw it like Dan Marino

Had a couple seizures, call 'em minor setbacks
Everybody praying for me, I respect that
Woke up in the hospital, where my checks at
Then I put eight chains, where my neck's at
Hopping in the Ghost, I feel I'm dead set
Worth 40 M's so respect that
I put all my jewels on just to bone your chick
You know the boss well known for leavin' bonuses
We making money, may it marinate
When the work clean, cut it like it’s carrot cake
D-boys love the way I narrate
I still whip it like it's Anna Mae
Remember Momma had a Cavalier
Now she living like a Cleveland Cavalier
Better check the stats, we fillin' arenas
And I got the gats, Gilbert Arenas

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