Текст песни Natalie Cole - Beautiful Dreamer

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Written by Natalie Cole

Beautiful dreamer, you are like magic to me

’Cause you share all your love

And your life and your love is so fine in my life

It’s just what I’ve been looking for

Searching for and you care

Beautiful dreamer, not an illusion to me

You know I can tell by the way that you’ve taken my hand

In a moment of sadness your gladness is there to surround me

Astound me and you care

I’ve seen all the people (waiting at the station)

Waiting at the station

(no imagination) No imagination

They’re too busy doing nothing

Making all kinds of arrangements

(Nothing’s really) But nothing’s really changing them

(Changing them)

They’re (they’re) still asking why (why) their well is dry

I tried to tell them that love is the answer

They need a beautiful dreamer

If I could I’d share you with them

Oh, but you know it took so very long to find what I’ve needed

And my greatest obsession is doing my best

Just to keep you and love you ’cause you care

You’re one in a million

(Always giving into) Always giving in to

(me whenever I begin to) me whenever I begin to act

A little like I’m crazy

Still (still you never faulter) you never faulter

(never try to alter) or never try to alter my integrity

How I could I not be proud to have your wisdom

You’re such a beautiful dreamer (beautiful dreamer)

You are like magic to me

’Cause you share all your love

And your life (and your life)

And your love is so fine

(So fine in my life) in my life

And you know its just what I’ve been searching for

Looking for and you care

(Beautiful) beautiful dreamer (dreamer)
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