Текст песни Night In Gales - Sylphlike

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the god that left, for me
the kingdom of denial
reflects my restless lust
my lust for solitude
into the wisdom of lakes
into the wisdom of clouds
...i like to fall in
for a dying heart
to terminate all this fear
what will it know within me
to terminate all this
sylphlike sadness
thoughtful at the skies of silence
waiting for a wish of despair
a lifetime is at its end
loneliness takes place
in this ruin
the labyrinth of my mind
my hands they will
never react again
drifting into this part of me
where all life ends
i will be the stormy sea
to set me free
what will it know within me
to take me out of this
sylphlike sadness
rising to the emerald world
to burn forever
forever burn
to get the mercy of wrath
in memory
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