Текст песни No Doubt - Move On

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Some chickens crossed the road
Straying far from the hen

Five reached the side one step below Zen
One was a female, four were mad men
Who moved on, moved on, move on
Join hands and move on

Standing in line and falling asleep
Building a fence while we're counting the sheep
We'd let you help out but our projects too deep
Move on, move on, move on
Stay awake, just move on

You have to understand that when it comes to making music
We meshed the the styles of five alive
And intertwined and fused it
Life comes from life and through our strife
We strove to make the sound true
Compelled to spell it out (NO DOUBT!)
In search of what we must do

Our house was too small, so we had to move
The neighbors had much doubts
So we had to prove
That our soulful demensions were true to the groove
We, moved on, moved on, moved on
To our house in the middle of the street

Water the music, plant the seeds in the pot
Music's the life flowinf through...is it not?
Don't forget your roots, but also don't rot
Move on, move on, move on
Plant the seeds and move on

Don't be afraid
Let your feelings show
Wear your heart on your sleeve
And let yourself glow
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