Текст песни Odds - Love Is The Subject

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Swords and pens and tears and blood
Emotion, demotion and skin that’s so tough
If I can live through this then that is enough
Learn and earn devotion and trust
Love is the subject and nothin’ else nothin’ else
Love is the course love is the subject
Notes and jokes and follies so cruel
Elation, cessation and pain, that’s the rule
Find me later face down in the pool
Prop me up for lesson number two
I eat and sleep and culture my person
Measure up to the yardstick she’s using
Punch drunk stars like sparks in my vision
Paradise is something inhuman when
So much of this is quarrel
Clenching of the teeth
It’s stormy on the surface
Let me underneath
Wlk and talk and give up and talk on
My body hangs ’round this heart like a jacket
My stomach sinks lower preparing for worry
I’m so reaady to feel good in a hurry when
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