Текст песни Парк Горького, Gorky Park - Welcome to the gorky park

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1st verse Yupple’s gupples safe and sound
Ribbons in their hair
Only problems that they found
Choosing what to wear
Moaning groaning run around
Makes it all o’kay
Not so easy

Trudgin’ thru the frozen tundra
Nothing new to us
Digging out from ten feet under
Never cause a fiss
Lately we can’t but wonder
Everything’s a pain
Life’s so easy
Shoot me piece of meat

B part We’ll show ya Heads up We know ya
Can’t take too mach

Chorus: Welcome to the Gorky park
Everybody coming to it
Don’t be frightened of the dark
Everybody’s gonna do it
Welcome tj the Gorky park
Everybody’s gonna be there
Leave your problems bring your heart

2nd verse Leaping freaking screan and shout
Order of the hour
Anything to let it out
Plug into the power
Never closed for the crowd
Opened night and day
Just that easy
Wham bam thank you ma’am

B part:--------------------------------------------


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