Текст песни Plus 44 - Cliff Diving

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Hey silly girl, I think I got a thing for you.
From late nights spent driving in this stolen car.
The years we wasted living in this desert town,
Haven't broken up so far.

Hot afternoons, we'd climb onto the neighbors house.
Breathed deep and jumped into a waiting sky.
Our bare feet were framed on the horizon.
I felt the future in your eyes.

It was the promise of summer.
We'll seal it with a kiss.
This time I'll do things proper.
How did it get to this?

Dear you, tonight let's get ahead of ourselves,
passed out, I barely can remember.
Yesterday stretched on for so long.
Tomorrow feels like forever.

My God, you know how much I needed this.
These days are filled with such disaster.
Sometimes I think that life will never be the same.
Sometimes I think that's the answer.

And she said, here comes the promise of summer.
Let's seal it with a kiss.
This time I'll do things proper.
How did we get to this?
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